Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tarot Cards

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Remember the lottery ticket I took the time out to purchase on Friday prior to Rita, well I got 3 numbers from it and won $7. Yee haw...isn't that exciting! :) Hey, you never know, right?

Well, as a result of Rita I got a chance to get to know my neighbors. That is really nice and we've been hanging out ever since. Last Sunday, Jackie, Dawn and I went out for dinner and got to talking about ghosts and stuff. Next thing I know, we've decided to go get our tarot cards read. Dawn knew of a woman off of Westheimer, so we went there.

I actually regret having gone to this woman. I've never had my cards read where the entire deck of cards was used. I can see the logic in it and realize there are any number of ways that one can have their cards read. But I felt manipulated during this reading. This woman tried very hard to get me to focus on the negative part of my readings in order to get me to solicit further assistance from her to overcome it. She was able to get both Dawn and Jackie to cry from their readings. I wasn't that moved but I was very bothered by it. There was something about this gypsy woman that really bothered me.

I've had very good readings in my past and I don't mean good as in positive, just good as in useful. I have used American Indian medicinal cards when dealing with a crisis and was completely blown away by what came up. I actually did what the cards told me to do; it was amazing.

So, I decided to purchase my own Tarot Cards and learn how to read them myself. I found an awesome website: . They have a variety of Tarot cards one can purchase; The Guilded Tarot cards selected me. I believe a book comes with the cards to help you learn how to read them. I'm looking forward to receiving them.

I had to mail my check in advance of receiving them. I went to drop the letter in the post office box at my local post office; you know the drive up boxes.... Well, the letter popped back out at me and fell under my car. So, I put my car in park, and leaned down to get the letter. I couldn't reach it, so when I came up, I hit my head on the mail box. Ouch. So I pulled up to go back and get my letter. The car behind me got it and put it in the box for me. I hope that wasn't an omen.

I'm blue these days.

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