Friday, September 30, 2005

Democrats shortsighted

I don't know if the Mayor of New Orleans, Nagin, or Governor of Louisiana, Blanco, were thinking too far ahead when they so quickly blamed Bush and the Feds for all their woes during the Katrina fiasco. After they woke up from their comfortable sleep in Baton Rouge, or wherever it was they fled, and saw what a horrible mess it was did they just decide to save face? Did their fellow Democratic politicians encourage them to take it in that direction? I find it interesting, though that they decided to place blame than roll up their sleeves and take charge as Guiliani did.

So, they took their political punches at Bush. And then the federal rescuers came and plucked all the stranded people, almost all of them black, from their homes, from the dome, from wherever they were gathered and scattered them to the winds. And now, Nagin and Blanco are at the Feds mercy. Those people that were plucked from New Orleans were their constituents. And now, they want them back. So, how are they going to get the Feds to give them back.

So here's the question of the hour. Why should the Feds or Bush give back their constituents? I don't think they should for 2 reasons. The first one is that wherever they are right now, it's probably better than Louisiana. My understanding is that Louisiana's schools are the worst in the nation. It is a very poor state which translates to me that there isn't a lot of opportunity.

The second reason the Feds shouldn't do it is for petty reasons. The Feds owe them nothing. Nagin and Blanco took their punches, now the Feds can punch back.

It's interesting, though. The Dems that are criticizing the distribution of these people said that they could be housed in the closed Army base. It would have been a good idea to have thought of that earlier. Really, all they seem to want is to just put them someplace, any place, as long as they are all together and can continue to vote. These people are so exploited.

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