Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Day After the Storm

Immediately after I posted my last entry, the power went off for about an hour, then it came back on then off again at 10:30. It stayed off until just now. So we were without power for about 12 hours.

This evening, at close to 6 or so, we gathered outside in the gazebo. We made an assessment regarding what was opened and made a beer run. Yes, we found a place that was opened and bought 2 six packs; no ice, though. Not knowing how long we would be without power, we emptied out our freezers and grilled hamburgers, chicken, etc. It was great fun.

I'm actually exhausted, the heat was a bit much. My neighbor drank way too much wine and she passed out. I was actually worried about her and thought she was really sick from something else and almost called 911. We were able to revive her and get some water in her and she fell asleep.

I came inside early. I could hear neighbors across the pool listening to old radio programs while sitting on lawn chairs outside their apartment. I left a crowd at the grills and they were partying loudly up until about 30 minutes ago. Then, of course, cheers when the lights came on.

Well, for all intents and purposes, Rita is now behind us and I have nothing further to report on the subject.

Night night.

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