Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Evacuees - Katrina

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I'm reading about these evacuees in Houston. The remaining ones are being sent to Arkansas and many of them are not happy about it. They seem to be under the impression that as they have been displaced they have the right to stay in Houston. Many of these people have been living off of welfare for some time. I guess they think that they actually have freedom to choose their destiny. I guess as long as they are on the government's ticket, they can't decide where they will be living.

I've been thinking about these handouts. The evacuees that have remained in the Astrodome and Reliant Center are the ones I suspect aren't planning on moving on. They are the ones that rely heavily on government assistance. I have heard people often complain that it is unfair that these people get handouts. In the case of people who have lost everything I think the complaint is a bit much but I do think it's fair to expect this not to last forever. But I'm sure that these people will settle somewhere and their lives will continue as it always has.

But going back and addressing the issue of government handouts. Though the rhetoric is and always has been that we have an obligation to the poor, the reality of it is totally different. I don't think that the governmnet wants to give anything to the poor. I do, however, believe that as long as people have some food, clothing and a roof over their head, they won't revolt. There will be less rioting in the streets. I am a firm believer that the last thing one wants is a large mass of people who feel that they have nothing to lose.

Personally, I think that welfare is horrible. It creates a sense of apathy and fosters a belief that there will always be a handout. But on the other, I think that it is important to keep people off of the streets. It helps to continue to keep law and order. At least that's my take on it.

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