Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louisiana holding pets hostage....

Now this is very interesting. I just listened to a report on CNN.com by Anderson Cooper where Louisiana is NOT allowing animals out of the state. The volunteers who are trying to help are being told that they cannot send animals out in order to make room for more to come. I have been wondering what this is all about.

My theory.

One of the dilemmas that New Orleans is facing is that they just lost a bunch of their residents and the Democrats lost a whole lot of constituents. There are congressmen and representatives that need to be re-elected. Louisiana carries 9 electoral votes and Bush won them in 2000 & 2004; their locals are dems. I belieive their fear is that their people won't come back and make roots again.

I think they are allowing the residents to take their dog once they've ID'd him/her and even allow them to take it out of the state, but by keeping the animals in the state it at least forces the residents to COME BACK to New Orleans to get the Spot. Louisiana and New Orleans wants these people to come back.

The more I'm reading about Louisiana and how the state and local officials have been handling things, THEY are the ones that have been standing in the way. I suspect that Red Cross and other aid that was arriving by way of trucks was turned away is because the towns that those trucks would have had to stop in didn't want the people coming into their parishes. I suspect there is a whole line of people who have taken measures to prevent those people from leaving New Orleans.....for a lot of reasons.

There's gonna a be a lot of crap rising to the top......lots of it. I can't wait to see how it gets to unfold. I want a front row seat. Someone get me a bucket o' crawdads.... :)

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