Friday, September 16, 2005

It must be a full moon

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Mood: Still relaxed - must by the Smirnoff Ice

Today some wierd things happened at the office. Our real estate office is in a space that used to be a Domino's Pizza and is located on a fairly busy street; not realy busy but busy enough. We get a lot of walk-in traffic. And now with all these evacuees looking for some sort of housing, we've been very busy.

Today someone walked in, at first glance, it was a girl. I was thinking early thirties. It was obvious by her hair that it had been a few days since she showered. I didn't get a chance really to see her as she was quickly ushered to one of my colleague's desk. A few minutes after, I walked over and offered her some water which she accepted. This time I got a better look at her and I began to wonder if she was really a he.

The problem is this person is overweight and and has "boobs", they could very well be man boobs. I even examined the crotch area to see if I could see anything through his/her jeans. There was no hair on his/her hands, arms or face. Nothing. Just the shape of the face, the build and the shoes made me think he might be a guy. The long hair and the "boobs" made me think otherwise. I had to leave the office to show some property so I didn't think much of it.

After about an hour I came back and the office was quiet; it was just me and another colleague. I was sitting at my desk reading blogs and surfing the internet. I heard some people come in and on of my colleagues moving about, so I didn't acknowledge them. I thought she was taking care of them. I couldn't see them anyway from where I sat. A litle bit of time went by and I heard my colleague ask someone if they needed help and from the response I could tell that they were crying. I got up from my desk to get involved and it was her/him from earlier. My colleague had to leave with some of her customers and I was left to deal alone in the office with this emotional person. At this point I ushered him/her to my desk, rounded up tissues and water and proceeded to hear the problem.

At this point, a man walked in the door. I stood up from my desk to see who it was, saw it was a man that seemed to be the non-threatening type and asked him to have a seat. Back to my androgenous friend. She/He was telling me their story about how much difficulty he/she was having in finding a place to live. This was not an LA relo but one from Kansas City. He...She...didn't have the proper paperwork. Bite marks on the hands from stress. I'm thinking this person needs social services' help not mine. So while this person is getting themselves together, I stand up and ask the man up front if he is looking for a place to live.

He gets up and says "no, I'm not looking for a place. My name is Sedrick and I came from Westheimer and Gessner and that's enough about that. I realize this is a place of business and that I am black". Okay...... whatever that means. He continues "I need bus fair to get to the other side of town and I've already asked 19 people for help." I think, man, take a number there is already a crazy in front of you....

So I tell him to have a seat and back to my customer. My colleague who was working with this person earlier called the office and told me that he believed this person was a him; his name is Baily. (I think Baily can go either way, but ok.) Eventually I got this person numbers and information to services more suited to be able to help him and sent him on his way. And as for Sedrick, he told me his bus fare was $4.50. That's pretty steep, but I wasn't going to give him $4.50. I handed him a $1.00 bill and sent him on his way.

I think we have a full moon tonight, as a matter of fact I'm fairly certain of it.

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