Monday, September 05, 2005

Karina 2

There are a few people living in my apartment community who are refugees from Louisiana. These are people who managed to leave New Orleans Sunday prior to Katrina's arrival. They told me that the mayor told the city that his legal advisors told him not to evacuate New Orleans without Bush's approval. I wonder what that was all about.

Last year he ordered an evacuation early. I remember people coming over and calling me in the event they might need to hang at my place for a day or two. What happened between now and then? Why all of a sudden do they need Bush's approval?

I'm impressed with this guy. He is has already set up interviews for himself and had decided he is going to make Houston his home. He doesn't seem to be expecting anyone to give him anything. He's taking the bull by the horns and getting things going.

So now the politicos are positioning themselves for leverage. Let's see how low everyone goes. The bodies haven't even been found yet and getting into place. None of these guys really give a damned about the people in New Orleans just as long as they can exploit them to promote their own causes. Bill Frist has made some mistakes in the past but he's putting it behind him and he's rolling his sleeves up and jumping in.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will see this as an opportunity to continue to foster division between the blacks and the whites. Now Hillary Clinton wants a hearing committee to allocate blame and hopes to crucify the Bush Administration, that'll make really great ammunition for the Democrats against the Republicans when the Presidential election comes up in 2008.



Speaking of Sharpton, he's the butt of my favorite part of this satirical piece:

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