Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blonde Moments

I got this idea from my nephew. At the entrance of each posting, he indicates his mood and the music he is listening to. I like this idea and want to start doing it too.

Music: Classical, something Baroque I think
Mood: pumped....Don't know what that's all about.

I am such a Goober! As I was straightening my desk this evening just before leaving the office, I came across an e-mail someone had sent me announcing $1 scoops at Baskin Robins. I love ice cream and I thought this would be a perfect day for a tasty treat.

I got in my car, pulled out of the parking lot and realized I didn't know where one was, so I ventured West because I knew there was one west of our office.....somewhere. So, as I approached the Galleria I decideded to call information from my cell phone. They gave me the address for one so I continued my way only to find myself stuck in horrendous rush hour Galleria traffic. That usually entails sitting and waiting at least 6 minutes before moving 10 feet and then waiting again.

So, my brother calls me. We're going to the game on Saturday and he just wanted to take my temperature. He knows I love baseball and wanted to see how excited I was about the game. Usually, during the week, I'm in the work zone. So, I'm not excited, yet. About an hour before the game, I'll start getting giddy.

Anyway, I'm sitting there in traffic gabbing away with my brother telling him that I'm stuck in this horrible traffic on my way to Baskin Robins for my $1 scoop of ice cream 'cause that's the special on Tuesday. And we're talking away and just as I pull into the parking lot my brother tells me that today is WEDNESDAY not Tuesday, so no $1 scoops of ice cream.

See, a blonde moment and I'm not even a blonde. Go Figure

Now, you get to see first hand what watching TV has done to my brain....I can't even get the days of the week straight!

But that's not all. I decided to proceed with the scoop of ice cream, paying full price of course, and ate it there. As I leave to head back home, I unfortunately discover that my battery is dead. The sit in traffic had something to do with that, I'm sure. So a nice officer jump started my car; and tomorrow I head over to get my alternator checked out. Blugh!

I really want to watch TV right now. Don' t worry, I'm a trooper and will resist the temptation.

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