Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hollywood & Bush

Katrina seems to be hogging the headlines these days. I've noticed that it is a nice break from Iraq; no one seems to be bitching about the war. The Dems seemed to be pretty successful at keeping negative dark cloud over the administration over the war but now this thing with Katrina has taken America's focus off of that cloud.

Now what to do? America is focusing on Katrina and not on how poorly Bush is handling Iraq. Brainstorm time..... Oh, I know, let's blame the aftermath of Katrina on Bush and get America back into looking at the dark cloud..... Wow, how original. Did Bush shine here? No. Should everything have happened faster? I don't know really. It took two days. The people who suffered the most really were the ones that were trapped. The pressure was on the officials to transfer the evacuees. How long would it have taken us to get to them if this were the 90's?

Ok, so now we have Hollywood. Who the hell are these people? These actors, actresses and singers are really very nervy. Is someone paying them to speak out? This self-righteous outpouring is all the same, they blame Bush. They are outspoken about it because they actually believe that we give a damned about their opinions. Oh my, if Kanye West says it, it must be true.

So, GFT, what do you think of the Katrina situation? "Hmmm, I don't know, let me see what Sean Penn has to say 'cause he's a movie star. That means he must be real smart and all and gosh, since I make so much less than him, I must not be as smart. Shucks, what do I know?"

What did Hillary Clinton do to get involved with the aid to the evacuees, besides standing on the sidelines and point the finger. And Jesse Jackson? While he was widening the divide between the blacks and the whites and enciting more hatred, what was he doing to help his "people"? Of course, we all know that fostering hatred towards the whites is always very productive.

I'm really curious what people thought a fast response should have been? And who should the rescue effort been targeted towards? The trapped and the weak? The ones waiting to be transported? And if the strong go one or two days without food or water, is this really an issue?

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