Saturday, September 17, 2005

20 facts about myself -

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This is an idea that I saw in my nephew's livejournal and I really liked it.

1) I'm almost a half-breed; French and German with a splash of Scotts Irish. Heavy on the French side.
2) I speak french but have resisted speaking it of late and struggle getting past it.
3) I hate media spin.
4) I don't read as much as I used to and want to change that.
5) I've been taking violin lessons for a year.
6) I have 2 cats, a cockatoo and two betas.
7) I am inspired by my nephew.
8) I believe we can reprogram ourselves at any time; it becomes more difficult as we get older.
9) I'm a redhead because I was inspired by the movie Bandits.
10) I'm not as close to my siblings as I very much want to be.
11) I value my privacy.
12) I love Porsches and once owned a 944 that I pine for today.
13) I fear never having a deep connection with a man.
14) I regret not having tried out for the drill team in high school.
15) I should have been a ballet dancer.
16) I love blogging and tango dancing
17) My favorite painter is William Aldolphe Bouguereau
18) My favorite CD is David Grey's White Ladder
19) My favorite band is Pink Floyd
20) I am a Saggitarius

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