Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My nephew

When I'm bored and have free time at my desk I like to Google people I know. Recently, I googled my nephew. Not too long ago he posted a question on the website of a University he will be attending this fall and gave his first and last name in the post. Google picked it up. Somehow that post links right to his livejournal.

I don't think he is aware that through this post he has opened the door to anyone into his blog and I don't think that he intends for his family to ever access it. At first I think he intended it to be a blog but it really is a journal of his thoughts, musings, writings, etc. and he opens it up to his friends and peers.

I have not been able to be close to my nephew because he lives so far from me (on the east coast) but I have always wanted to get to know him. My only insights into my nephew came from the things that my sister shared with me and her musings about him have always been accolades regarding his accomplishments. He is their only child so he is the be all of everything. From his entries, I have been introduced to a different side of him. I'm not saying my sister does not know her son and does not represent him accurately; I'm just saying that I have been able to tap into another part of him.

He is wonderful. I cannot say it any more than that. I am so incredibly proud of who this young man is becoming in his heart and in his soul; how sensitive he is; how hungry he is for life and how bright he is. I also worry about him for these things. I worry about the people and life events that will challenge his ideals, I worry about his compromises. I so badly want to reach through his livejournal and speak with him but somehow I feel like I have stumbled into sacred ground and I dare not let him know I'm "in".

Anyway, I'm really very inspired by him and am proud of who he has and will become.

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