Sunday, September 18, 2005

This week

Something I came across on my nephew's sight was a series of postings that listed what he did that week. I really liked it and I think I'll steal, yet, another one of his ideas.

Ok, so today as Sunday and in the past week I did the following; this does not include my adventure with Baily and Sedrick:

Gained a a new client
Cleaned my bathroom
Did not watch any tv; I'm so very proud :)
Organized my desk at the office
Reinforced a relationship with a colleague at the office
Pulled myself out of a slump; had a friend push me back into it
Read from a book: "Leap of Faith" by Queen Noor
Wrote a Haiku for my nephew
Had my car jump started by a police officer
Received a sweet gift from a colleague (not the same one I had lunch with)
Got a new battery for my car while visiting with someone in the Navy Reserves
Went to the Baseball Game with my brother - watched the Astros mop the floor with the Brewers
Finally ended a friendship that needed to end

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