Thursday, September 22, 2005

Evacuation problems

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I think that what most people don't understand about Houston is that though it's the 4th largest city in the world, it is very very spread out. It's close to 60 miles from the furthest eastern city limit to the furthest west. So, I htink that evacuation procedures in Houston are going to have to be done differently in that the mayor is going to have to prohibit certain areas of the city from evacuating until the mandatory areas have evacuated.

People who are leaving Houston with full tanks of gas are running out of gas as their leaving Houston. Stories I'm hearing are that people are sitting in traffic for almost 4 -5 hours straight without moving more than 60 miles. This is going to be tragic if people are trapped on the exit routes when the hurricane hits.

We still have 24 hours before it hits us. It's supposed to be raining etc. tomorrow afternoon, so they actually have about 30 hours to get out. I heard a report of a man who is evacuating animals (birds, cats, dogs, turtles, etc.) and has run out of gas. I feel so sorry for these people. Looking at these reports, if I were to evacuate yesterday is the day to have done that.


eaf said...

I hope you get through the storm okay. I have seen the traffic on television and it does, indeed look horrible. I have family there too, and they are very close to the water. Haven't heard about their progress. I'll be watching your blog for updates on how you are (assuming you even have power after tomorrow afternoon) :-(

The Mommy Librarian

A Girl From Texas said...

Thank you eaf. I'm scared, honestly. I keep looking around to see what else I need to do. I think I have it covered.