Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Preparing for Rita

Music: Silence
Mood: Curious

Wow, by the way everyone has been hustling and preparing here in Houston for Rita's arrival you would think that she was coming tomorrow. All of the pool furniture is gone and put away. I hope that means they'll be draining the pools least a little. Idon't know what's next on the list of Hurricane Prep To Do's.

It's really sort of exciting. We knew one was coming, eventually. It just seemed as though we were repelling them. So many coming at our coast and then curving left or right. So this time the African Coast decided to pitch us a fast ball. Argh.

And there's another wave developing right now as I type this. It is brewing in the Atlantic. Accuweather says that showers and thunderstorms were accompanying it. Awe, look, travel companions. Then they start partying and then things start spinning OUTTA CONTROL!

I wonder if there is a creative way to cool off the Gulf of Mexico so that these things can be slowed down? It would seem to me that there should be something we could do.

Anyway, I think I'm ready. I need batteries for my radio, though and the stores are out of them. I did get them for my flashlight however. I have candles to boot as well.

Alright, well as long as I have power and an internet connection, I'll continue to post for all you lurkers out there......I know you're there, eagerly anticipating my every post. I won't let you down.

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