Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Music: Jazz, faint in the background - at the office
Mood: Somewhat excited.

Well, folks around here are preparing for Rita's arrival. I have already gone shopping to prepare to have to get by without power for at least a week. I remember we were without power for at least that long when Alicia hit in 83 and that was only a Cat 3 storm.

I've heard stories already of people fighting over water at WalMart, long lines at gas stations. My tank is full. I have 10 gallons of water. I would evacuate, but I have a large bird that is not so easy to move around with. If it were just the cats, I could go to a hotel in Huntsville, only about $75/night.

I'm sort of nervous about this. I'm not so worried about flooding as I am about things flying about. My apartment is on the ground floor but I don't think that anything will fly into them. I have a pool fence in front of the picture window in the front of my apartment and the back of my apartment is overlooking the parking lot. If they don't remove the pool furniture from the pool area, I'm going to dump it into the pool myself. That's the stuff I'm worried about.

Ok, gotta go... more prep work to do.


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