Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ok, so my friend Billy takes me to see the Nutcracker Suite last night. I think I've mentioned him before, he's the one with whom I went to see E.O. Wilson's lecture. Billy is my Harvard Grad friend who went on to get his PhD in Biochemistry THEN proceeded to medical school. (I mention his credentials for 'new visitors' to my blog. I just to keep everyone up-to-date.)

We have this thing. Neither one of us like sweet 'n low, so any time we go to a restaurant we measure it's class by the sweetener they offer.

Before the ballet, we went to Birra Poretti's downtown for dinner and saved dessert for after the ballet. Who can resist dessert after watching the sugar plum ferry scene? So, anyway, we go back to BP after Nutcracker and order dessert and coffee. The restaurant was dark and all I could see were sugar and sweet 'n low packets. I noticed that Billy pulled out one of his "Equal" packets; he always carries his own. I tease him about carrying his own stash.

I proceed to drink my coffe and eat my canolli. After a minute or two, he hands me a napkin. It's the chemical formula for Aspartame. It is such a Billy thing to do.

Yeah, he's geeky in that way but he's really cute and sweet. I told him I wanted to keep the napkin. He asked me if he should sign it; he's convinced he'll be famous one day.

By the way, after a second look, we noticed that tucked between the sugar and sweet 'n low were Splenda packets. I just couldn't see them because it was dark. So, BP is back up the class scale.


Amy said...

All those sweetners are pretty nasty. Except they do kind of grow on you after awhile. I use splenda at work . . .I have a box of sweet 'n low from when my husband's friends visited and it was nasty. But I really can't remember splenda tasting as nasty when I first tried it, so I think maybe SNL is just in a nasty class of its own.

A Girl From Texas said...

I like Splenda the most. I don't really notice the difference when I sweeten with it.

Galactichero said...

They're all bad for you. Sugar = diabetes. Aspartame = brain stem damage. Saccharine = cancer. Splenda = pickled intestines. Just recognize that they're bad, and be pissed off about it. Being pissed off is good for you.

Root beer gives me indigestion, which puts me in a foul mood. Sometimes I drink root beer just for an excuse to be in a foul mood. Like today, I drank lots of root beer to make sure I had a good reason to be pissed. Now I'm just looking for someone to punish for crossing my path...

Elizabeth Taylor said...

I love anyone who thinks to write the chemical formula of aspartame on a napkin.