Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I love Mac

For those of you who have never heard of Mac Cosmetics let me be the first to tell you about it. It is a fabulous line of cosmetics. I was referred to them by a colleague last year and I have fallen in love with this product. If you haven't heard of them before it's because they don't really advertise, they've grown by word of mouth.

It isn't just the cosmetic but it's also the people who sell it. They are the best.

Yesterday, I used the very last drop of fluid foundation and I went to the Rice Village to get a replacement. Unfortunately they were out of my color so they called a store in the Galleria. I don't know which one they called but I headed over to Nordstrom's and went to the Mac counter there.

They, too, were out of my color. The rep was so sweet. She created a sample for me to take home and use until their shipment arrived. That's not the first time they've done something like that. Early this year I wanted to switch the type of foundation I was using and wasn't sure which color I wanted. The store in Rice Village gave me at least a week's worth of samples in the two shades I liked to help me decide.

And the girls there aren't snobby at all! They take the time to really help you get the right color and look.

So, if you haven't tried Mac, yet, get ye to a store near you. It is a fabulous cosmetic.


Freebird said...

Rice Village/Galleria sounds too expensive for me right now. :-/

They really are nice helping you out like that when they were out of your color.

A Girl From Texas said...

Actually, the foundation is about $20. I bought it in June and I just now ran out. So, it lasted me 5 months.

Anonymous said...

They have the BEST eyeshadow