Thursday, November 16, 2006

We're taking it slow

This is why I hate Meredith Grey's character so much. So, the episode begins with her and McDreamy in a tub together. He is kissing her on the neck in the tub and she is saying, "hey, we're taking it slow".

She is taking a warm bubble bath surrounded by lighted candles WITH HIM and that is her way of saying "we're taking it slow".

So, what else is he supposed to be doing in the tub with her? Talk about makeup?


Freebird said...

I thought she was daydreaming. I wouldn't consider sitting in a tub of bubbles naked with a guy taking it slow.

Cathy said...

Meredith sucks rocks in my opinion. She is so damned fickle and easily diverted when it comes to love.

I know it's me projecting my own feelings on to her but if I love a man I'm not interested in sleeping with anyone else or keeping time with anyone else.

Meredith, heck, a man looks her way and she is all over it. She reminds me of that old song, "Love The One Your With." If McDreamy isn't around she latches onto the next best thing.

The girl needs to do some maturing. Oh, and stop doing so much teasing.