Saturday, November 18, 2006

Introducing Musetta - The Umbrella Cockatoo

Hi Everyone, I'm Musetta! But when mommy says it, it's more like "It's Musetta! The greatest bird in the whole wide world". You would think I was in a circus or something.

I'm going to be famous one day and make lots of money doing tricks and stuff. And when I am, I'm going to buy me a peanut farm, 'cause I love peanuts. You know, I'll do just about anything for a peanut. I like men, too.

My favorite toy is the Kong Tuffy I love it so much I try to go to sleep with it but everytime I try, it just slips through my tallons and falls to the bottom of my cage. It wakes me up when that happens. I do arm curls with it, I drink water with it, I like to poke one of my tallons into the center and bounce it off my head and I play with it on top of my cage like I'm a monster. I have lots of things I can do with my Kong Tuffy.

I don't travel much. One time, mommy forgot to lock my cage and I decided to explore. I found all sorts of cool stuff. There was a purse that was hanging from a door knob and I chewed the bottom off. And then I found a pen on the floor and I opened it up and spread ink all over the place. And then I found the phone cord and decided to chew through it. I think I made her mad when I did these things.

A couple of years ago I laid some eggs. Mommy really freaked out and she called my doctor. All I remember her saying was "at least we know she's a girl now". Duh! I could of told you that!

Ok, I gotta go now. I have important things to do, like act like a clown, hang upside down on my toys and annoy mommy with my loud shrieking.


Freebird said...

Ha! That's too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! She's a beauty!

A Girl From Texas said...

She is really a cutie pie. For several years, I didn't know if she was a boy or a girl. It's a $50 blood test that determines the sex and it wasn't that important to me to know.

Cathy said...

She is beautiful! Is she camera shy? Wish she had been looking at the camera.

She did a very good job of describing herself and what she does. I can just see her fall asleep with the tuffy thing and being woken up by it when she drops it. Sounds a lot like something Taylor would have done as a baby.

It's nice to finally get to know one of your babies.

A Girl From Texas said...

Hi Cathy! Ye, she is camera shy. It's the red light that comes on before the flash. I have to sit down and figure this camer out!

Freebird said...

You haven't been around much this week. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

She's adorable. I have a cutie of my own.

My Maggie is almost 8 and came to live with us cuz she's a plucker. But she's the greatest Too you'll ever meet (I'm biased of course).