Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My six things.....

Cathy tagged me and asked me to list 6 "wierd" things about myself. This is what I came up with.

1) I eat macaroni and cheese with ketchup. It's the only way I'll eat it. When I make my own macaroni & cheese from scratch (w/velveeta or cheddar cheese) I'll add a little worstchester sauce to the mix.

2) I like wear a corset. I buy them here

3) I ignore the prompts etc. that Netflix sends me letting me know what movies are arriving. I set up my laptop, turn out the lights and put the movie in the DVD player and wont' know what's playing 'till I hit the start button. I like the surprise. And then, I like to pause the movie and google stuff from it.

4) Whenever I eat chinese food and the waitress puts the fortune cookies on the table, I won't let anyone touch them until I have picked mine out. I think that if someone else touches your fortune cookie, it ruins the fortune.

5) I have a weak stomach and if I don't remove something from my refrigerator within the first 2 weeks, it will sit there for months until my friend John comes over and removes it for me. He's very sweet about it. He did ask me once not to wait 6 months to remove something but I get embarrassed by it so I keep putting off asking him to do it.

6) I wait too long to scoop out the litter from my cat box. Both kitties are very patient about this but believe me, when I finally get around to doing it, it's not a pretty site. Each time I tell myself I'll clean it out more frequently. The problem is that I get the best smelling kittie litter I can find AND I feed them Science Diet. Their feces doesn't really smell bad with this cat food so I don't smell it. It's usually the urine smell that hits me and makes me clean it out.

Ok, Ya'll, that's all I could come up with.


Cathy said...

I thought, hmmmm, a corset, that sounds like fun. I went and checked out the site and saw some prices. I'll have to do without! Bet it feels sexy though.

You really do need to work on your weirdness factor. Mac and cheese with ketchup is pretty strange but tame compared to what some of us came up with. You are way too normal to be hanging around us freaks.

A Girl From Texas said...

I'm sorry. I tried, really I did.

Yes, the corset does feel sexy and I love it. I only have one, because they are expensive, and I've had it for about 5 years now.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

I love the refrigerator thing you do. I am the opposite. If it's in there like 2 days I've decided there must be something wrong with it and throw it out. I'm just sure that the food is hiding something, that it is bad, bad, bad!

Freebird said...

Stinky kitty litter smell is bad.