Monday, September 29, 2008

Capable but different

At the end of the debates Friday night, I walked away thinking that both men would serve well as Presidents. But I think that Obama is the better choice.

It's funny because at some point during the debates, and it may have been at the very beginning, I halfway expected Obama to say: "Hi, I'm a Mac" and McCain to say: "And I'm a PC".

Because to me that is almost where we are today. The PC represents an older, rigid, inflexible approach to computers whereas the Mac is about compatibility, reliability, and a solution to our collection of music, photos and videos. In other words, Mac understands the user's needs and is more capable to accommodate them than the PC.

And now they are both about the same price. I can buy a basic laptop from Mac for about the same price as one from Dell. I won't be buying laptops any time soon, though.

If Obama wins, I am really excited about the changes to come. I think he is going to be the breath of fresh air Washington has needed since Kennedy was assassinated. I think America was truly heartbroken to lose her President in such a horrible way but I also think America loved him and his family. I think the White House can be Camelot once again. And I think that Obama can do it.

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