Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Bye to a good man.

I logged onto this morning to see what breaking news there was about the debates last night.

I was not expecting the headline announcing Paul Newman's passing away. I was very saddened by it.

I remember growing up my parents bemoaning the passing of some old actor or actress I'd never heard of. It meant so little to me and I couldn't understand why they cared about someone they didn't even know.

I didn't know Paul Newman personally. And I don't think I can even go so far to say I knew him just because I saw almost all of his movies. But his movies take me back to the various times in my life. And the passing of these personalities whose works somehow affected my life over time simply remind me that I, too, am getting older.

Good bye Paul. Thank you for the wonderful movies, for the wonderful spaghetti sauces and for the tasty salad dressings. You will be missed.

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SunWolf said...

I didn't know. I watched the debate last night and then didn't turn on the news at all today. I was a huge Paul Newman fan...

I'm very sad.