Friday, September 05, 2008

Thoughts on McCain

I listened to McCain's speech last night. I have to agree he's a good man and I can't help but wonder how different our world would be today if he had been elected into office instead of Bush. The smear tactics that the Bush campaign did to McCain in 2000 really and truly were nasty but in hindsight, it was par to the course.

McCain milked the POW. It sort of made me think of the Passion of Christ. Religious organizations like to emphasize the sacrifice Christ made in order to lure unbelievers into the realm. First it's used as a proof of love, then it's used as guilt if you decide to stray. I felt guilt while listening to McCain's story.

I'm not going to elect a man President because I feel sorry for something that happened to him. There is a temptation because I want to say, he deserves to be President. But that isn't what this is about. Electing someone President because one feels like it's his turn is treating the role of Presidency as a privilege instead of a job.

When I watched the speeches at the DNC, I believe the cheering and the adoration towards Obama and Clinton were sincere. The audience response at the RNC felt really staged. I saw similarities to the DNC. For example, they shouted "USA" in place of the DNC's "Yes We Can".

And finally, though I can see that McCain and company has completely changed their tone about a lot of things, I know that people can't change on a dime. The change that Obama represents is change that he's been promoting for 18 months. He's even demonstrated it in the way he's accepted money for his campaign. McCain is talking change only because now he sees that it's needed. But before the DNC, he didn't see it and he addressed Obama's success leading up to that with really negative ads.

I don't know what "change" McCain is going to bring. What specifically does he think needs to be done? I heard Cindy McCain say that it was time for the Government to "get out of the way" but Obama already said that. How does McCain propose the government getting out of the way, exactly?

McCain wants to win this election. But that's about it. I don't think that change is really in his heart.


SunWolf said...

So far, the McCain campaign is simply taking words from the Obama campaign and acting as if they came up with them... (E.g. "Change" and "out of touch"). So far, I have heard not one thing about how McCain plans to "change" the Washington mess that he was such a huge part of...and I think the Dems need to constantly show footage of McCain and Palin flip-flopping on everything depending on how it will benefit them. I am so sick of this whole process.

Cathy said...

McCain is talking change because he sees what talking change did for Obama. My honest opinion is that he will say whatever he feels he needs to say to become elected.

He is a man who is used to getting what he wants. He had the reputations of his grandfather and father to pave his way into a Navy career.

Once he divorced is first wife he had his new FIL's money to pave the way into his senate career.

He hasn't repeatedly run for president out of an altruistic desire to do what is right for his country. He wants the title, to hold the office and if need be will show a lack of integrity trying to become elected.

I almost felt sorry for him while watching his speech also. Then I remembered Hubert Humphrey, a man who did want change but never got a chance to bring it about. I began to compare McCain with Humphrey and all pity I was feeling for him flew out the window.