Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin and Sexism

So, the Republicans think the left and the media are being sexist about Sarah Palin. Really? Guess what? We aren't the ones that made this about gender, the Republicans are. Do you really think the left's response would have been this extreme if the selection was Kaye Bailey Hutchison or Condoleezza Rice? Or how about Carly Fiorina? What about the Governor of Hawaii?

The Republicans released a video of Sarah shooting an automatic rifle the day the announcement was made; and that video was played over and over again all day. That image was to appeal to men, not women. As a general rule, women aren't interested in shooting guns; it's really a man's sport. It doesn't mean that women don't shoot guns because as we all know, there are always exceptions to the general rule. But men do find a women who shoot guns to be very sexy.

Sarah was in a Beauty Contest. What does that mean? It means she looks great in a bathing suit. That's a man's favorite part of the contest; they don't care how she looks in an evening gown.

She's very young and would be totally unable to fly solo. Nothing about her really intimidates men. Condoleezza could actually be President if it came to that. Kaye probably could, too. Men don't have to worry about Sarah getting any ideas about advancing Women's issues. She's made it pretty clear that she's still a little backward thinking in that department. And being the mother of small children makes her vulnerable.

No, McCain wanted to give the Republican party a little dose of Viagra. Sarah was definitely a man's choice and one made without the input of women. His choice was very sexist. And he may be right, because as the saying goes, "Sex does Sell".

Put a seriosly qualified woman on the ticket and you're point will be taken seriously.


SunWolf said...

I loved tonight's Daily Show. Especially Carl Rove's complete turnaround when it comes to teenage pregnancy: his outrage when it was Jamie Lynn Spears and his support now that it's the Republican VP candidate's daughter...

SunWolf said...

Actually, it was Bill O'Reilly who talked about teenage pregnancy. Carl Rove's hypocracy was shown when a couple of months ago he objected to Obama's possible choice of Tim Kaine (VA) as vice president because he was mayor of the "small" town of Richmond, VA, and has only been governor of VA for a couple of years. But now he raves about Sarah Palin as fabulously experienced. This sort of two-faced standard has been rampant in this election year.

A Girl From Texas said...

And are we really surprised by this? I am so sick of their lies and deceit. sick of it.

Chris said...

The bit on the Daily Show was classic. Unbelievable two-faced deception that is pretty much standard operating procedure nowadays.