Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I guess it's official

I am officially on the Obama Bandwagon. I know the pundits are telling us this is a close race. For some reason, I find this hard to believe. I never trust the press. I know that they like Obama a lot but I'm not sure that the owners of the press like Obama.

Will the enthusiasm for Obama in Texas make much impact. We bleed a lot of red here. I don't know how dogmatic we are really. Austin is pretty big and they are free thinkers. I'm pretty amazed at how open people are in Houston towards Obama. But I don't know about Dallas. I'm sure they are pretty hard core Republicans.

Texas is an uphill battle but I plan on voting my little heart out. And just for true measure, straight ticket.


Cathy said...

I love the widgets. Got a couple for my blog. Good luck with those Texans. I'm surrounded by Republicans here in my neighborhood but I'm working hard at changing hearts around here.

A Girl From Texas said...

You go, Sister!