Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin - the gentleman's choice

The more I think about it the more convinced I am that Palin wasn't necessarily selected to attract disenfranchised Clinton voters. Yes, they want those voters but more importantly, they need a strong Republican turnout at the polls.

Who is the Republican Party? As of late, it's become the party of the White Christian man. And here's what makes Sarah perfect for them. First of all, she looks like she could have posed for Sports Illustrated at some point in her life. If the ticket wins, these morally righteous men can continue to lust over her. So the party is hoping to bring the men over to their side and are banking that they'll think with that other part of their anatomy.

Secondly, it would appear she was pregnant all the time. Christian men like to keep their women pregnant. It's easier to control them. Palin may be a tiger in Alaska, a whopping population of about 700,000, but she's just a cub here; and she's in way over her head. They know her kids will come first. That puts her in the position of having to choose her battles. Ain't no way this woman is going to become President. So they better make sure the Speaker of the House is a Republican.

And finally, she hunts. Men in the party won't have to worry about her trying to take their guns away from them. They know she's not going to get all queasy and grossed out over blood, so she's probably more tolerant about war. Nothing sexier to a man than a beautiful woman with a gun in her hands.

We live in interesting times. That's for sure.

So, recently we find out that Sarah's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Perfect. The positive spin that McCain is putting on this is that it is one more example of Palin's commitment to her pro-life position as well has his ability to think outside the box. I can't help but wonder if Sarah discussed birth control with her daughter. Or, does Sarah embrace the entire Right Wing enchilada that professes abstinence is to be the only form of birth control that should be available to teens. Obviously, a very effective tactic.

Didn't Nickelodeon just recently fire a Spears girl because she turned out to be a pregnant unwed teen? I wonder what Rush Limbaugh, Chris Baker, O'Reilly etc. had to say about that and how different that tone is now that's Palin's daughter. I say let's keep all young teenage girls in the dark about birth control. We certainly need more teens having babies!

I think that Sarah is being exploited and I think she's clueless about it. But I can't blame her, really. I'm sure that being asked to be someone's VP is very alluring and isn't something that comes along every day. Who wouldn't want to jump at the chance.

I can't relate to her and I don't know many women who can. I don't think it will be long before she and her family begin to feel like fish out of water and long to go back to the wonderful, simple life they had in Alaska. And then, at that moment, she will become human.

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SunWolf said...

Please don't call her "pro-life." She's simply anti-abortion. She hunts and kills animals. That's not pro-life. She's for the death penalty. That's not pro-life. She also vetoed a bill that would have provided half-way houses for pregnant teenagers. What a hypocrite. No, I can't relate to her, either.