Friday, March 21, 2008

Dreams and stuff

I had a dream last night that included my little brother.

I was at a game. I can't remember if it was a baseball or basketball game but I was in the stadium with someone I knew and it was during a break in play. While there, I receive a video on my cell phone and I proceed to play it. My brother sent me a video of him playing basketball and it looked professional. Meaning, it looked like a video feed done by a sports station and my brother was on a team.

He was wearing a white uniform, with blue seams and a red number and the point of view of the camera was from behind the basket as he was dribbling towards it and he did a slam dunk. Then I was in the video giving him a high five and I kept wondering how he got me in the video when I wasn't there. Then I looked up at the screen in the stadium and the same video was playing on the screen. I was embarassed so I stopped the video on my phone and it stopped it on the screen in the stadium.

I called him this morning after I woke up to tell him about the dream. When he answers the phone he says, let me guess, you had a dream about me. We are so in sync with one another, it scares me sometimes. You never want to play against us in pictionary. I'll draw just a few lines that no one can recognize and he'll call it out.

I know I refer to him as my little brother but he is really only 1 1/2 years younger than me. When we were young we were Pete and Repete...wherever you saw one, you saw the other. And most people were convinced we were twins. He's deep deep deep in my heart and we are closing the gap that developed between us over the past years.

He's looking at moving back to Houston, which thrills me. Now, if I can get him to work with me....that would be awesome.


SunWolf said...

Oh my gosh, do you know what that dream means, little sis? Did you know that our little brother has been asked to try out for the university football team? You DO have ESP!

A Girl From Texas said...

Yes, he told me. And he laughed 'cause he's 42. And after the coach absorbed that fact, he said, "well, are you interested?"