Saturday, March 22, 2008

T.V. Dilemma

As many of my lurkers may already know, I have this love/hate relationship with my television. I never really had one until 2001 and I've compromised by not getting cable. I figure the less interesting stuff there is, the less I'll watch.

I got hooked on a couple of shows and now that plan is blown out of the water. Though I do have to admit, I watch less than I did a year or so ago. Just not nearly less enough.

I have made a new friend who has downsized considerably. Lucky me, I bacame the owner of a couple of beautiful wooden rustic pieces of furniture for my living room. One of which is an armoir that I have decided to use as an entertainment center.

Initially, my television fit at the top of my armoir with quite a bit of top room to spare. So, I thought, if I add one of the shelves, I could raise the t.v. higher. The tv is to heavy for me, so I had to wait till my friend could come over and help me.

My friend came by and we proceeded to put the tv in and discovered that even with both of us, raising it up to our heads was still very very difficult and we began to lose control of the tv. In order to regain control, we pressed the tv pretty hard against the shelf and I heard a SNAP sound. I said that I thought we broke something and she was pretty adamant that we hadn't.

Well, yesterday afternoon I began connecting my DVD player and antaennas to the tv and discovered we snapped the cable connector off the back of the tv. Now, I cannot pick up any stations but can use the tv with the DVD player. I have been told I can still get some sort of cable hook up for my tv even without that particular piece.

So, do I upgrade to cable or do I consider this a blessing in disguise and free myself from tv alltogether?


SunWolf said...

I will be VERY impressed if you can wean yourself entirely from the TV.

See how it goes! And when I come visit, we can check out DVDs...there's some great stuff out there!

Timmy said...

It wasn't until I took ownership of Calvin that I got cable. So, that was in 2004. I resisted and resisted because I'm a news junkie and reality tv junkie. I got the cable connection because I didn't want the dogsitter to be bored with 3 or 4 channels.

And just as I predicted, I constantly have the television to turned on. UGH