Sunday, March 09, 2008

A moment for Ziggy

My sister's beautiful German shepherd had to be put down this morning. She had called me yesterday and told me he was sick and had some sort of aggressive cancer that had attached itself to his spleen. This afternoon she texted me "he's gone".

I thought perhaps he had passed away during the night and was relieved that she didn't have to make the decision to put him down. But when I called her, she told me that she had made the decision herself. Her husband is out of town and her son is in school in Europe so she pretty much had to do this alone. She's really broken up over it, he was a really sweet dog. He would wipe his feet before coming into the house from a walk or play in the back yard.

So, goodbye Zigfried Von Wolfhausen, you were a very good dog and I hope that you find lots of fire hydrants to pee on, cats, cars and postmen to chase, and a good man to be a best friend to up there in doggy heaven.

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SunWolf said...

I think Ziggy is with John now. He let us have him for seven of the ten years, and we all grew from the experience, and now they are together again. I think John is probably happy with how Zig turned out.