Friday, March 28, 2008

Logo - Done

I am so excited. I finally have my logo!

(Sis, it's 1c and I asked them to incorporate the little design in 2 into my other stuff to help enforce the branding. They said, "Great idea", so I get the best of both)

I agonized over this step and it took a month to do. The company I'm working with is phenomenal! I love them. They gave me such an array of logos to select from; and they were so different. Each one gave off a different set of emotions and could go just about anywhere.

I must have carried the lot around for 4 days showing them to different people and getting different opinions. I walked away saying there was no commonality but I was wrong. I just didn't want it to be the most commonly selected one. Then I asked myself why and when I solved it, I approached them asked them to fix it. And they did and it's the one.

I'm changing the name of my company. It's not a major change it's a small one but it entails having to get another DBA. Augh! I probably should have done it myself but I'm hiring a company to do it and it takes about 4 weeks to do. It's not as simple as going to courthouse locally and setting up a dba. Since it's my LLC that's the dba, stuff has to be filed with the State of Texas. It's complicated. To me it is.

My website is supposed to up and ready to rock and roll by April 7 but I think I'm going to have to wait until the end of April before I can run as my new company name. This makes me very sad. :(

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SunWolf said...

I'm glad you went with 1c. It's really nice.

It looks like everything is going well. It's hard to be patient, isn't it?