Sunday, March 30, 2008

Racial Controversy and Barack Obama

I've been reading about the racial controversy that seems to be surfacing around Barack Obama lately. I would like to point out that though my support is for Hillary, I think very highly of Barack. I see past his race. I have even had my clients who are African American tell me that I'm color blind.

But lately, because of the issues that are surfacing, his race is being thrown in my face. And interestingly enough, it isn't being thrown in my face by white people.

What most people don't realize is that African Americans make up roughly 13% of this nation's popularity. So it is quite evident that Barack's support goes well beyond that of his own race.

His campaign will be ruined if the racial card is played. I'll be damned if I'm accused of being racist just because I don't support him. And that's where I see this heading. If Obama doesn't win the primaries, will there be rioting in the streets? Will this mean that we have to hear Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton go on and on about how unfair this country is to the black man?

And if he does win, will African Americans suddenly believe that they are entitled to something more?

I heard Michelle Obama's speech where she stated that America was ignorant. I had a roommate in college that was African American. She and I had absolutely nothing in common with one another. I tried on numerous occasions to get to know her but that effort was not reciprocated. She would have her friends come over and I would be completely isolated; most of the time I could not understand what they were saying to one another. Segregation in this case was not forced; it was just natural. She hung out with her friends, I hung out with mine.

I have often discovered, even in my field, that there is oftentimes a racial connection between the real estate agent and his/her client. Is this forced or is it natural?

It is very unfortunate that the Democrats are stuck in this stagnant situation but I don't think that either of them should have to "blink first". Why? Hillary has donated 5 million of her own money in her campaign. What should be her reason to surrender first? And why should Obama surrender first?

I think this stagnation in their running is why this is surfacing in the first place. Had Obama won the primaries outright he would be moving onto the next thing.

I think that that which occurs whenever anything becomes stagnant will occur here. Slime and ick and all that stuff begins to surface and grow. So the question becomes, who's going to become the ickiest first?


SunWolf said...

Stagnant is a good word for this contest and a good reason for going with a process that is closer to the Brittish way: that is, a much shorter time for the primaries (maybe we could go with six months?). This whole process has gone on far too the time we get to election, it will have gone for two years! I'm getting sick of the whole thing. It is exciting to realize that history will be made regardless of who wins the Democratic primary, but enough already. I'm tired of watching the Dems focusing their fight on their own.

And I am with you on the racism issue. I'd like to think we could get past that. It should not be an issue. Obama is in the race (pun intended) already. He will or will not be the candidate. People will vote the way they vote for their own reasons, regardless of what they are. And, as much as I hate racism of any sort, if people vote a certain way because they are racist, well that is life in the United States. I wish we could get beyond it.

So, that's my opinion and you are welcome to it!

A Girl From Texas said...
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A Girl From Texas said...

You made an interesting point and I want to add to it. You said:

"if people vote a certain way because they are racist, well that is life in the United States."

I say, that's life everywhere. The people of the U.S. are just like people everywhere else. Racism is a Human condition not an American one.

SunWolf said...

Yes, that's true. You're right. Sad, isn't it?