Sunday, March 16, 2008

A tribute to Ziggy

I'm giddy right now. I know it's silly but I am. My sister has set up a blog, finally. Sunwolf Lightfoot

As I posted earlier, she lost her sweet dog, Ziggy. And now my sister is grieving. I learned when my father passed that everyone had their way of dealing with grief and then moving on. My sister is dealing with her grief by blogging about it. When my father passed, I sent out Christmas cards to every single person I knew and noted my father's passing in each one. I needed the universe to know of my loss, so I can understand my sister's need to do the same.

I admit, the circumstances inspiring the blog are not happy ones and I know how painful it is to lose a pet. And the pain and angst, in my opinion, is probably multiplied when the loss is as a result of having to put the animal down. I remember putting Metisse down and I couldn't stop crying for days. She was so cute and playful and suddenly, out of the blue, the vet said she had 24 hours to live. I was so sure the vet was wrong, I sought out a second opinion.

If I know my sister, the blog is to be a celebration of Ziggy's life and his legacy. After all, he was the first. And how ironic is that? My sister acquired him from her in-laws when Ziggy's owner could no longer care for him. Ziggy was named such because her in-laws decided that this would be their last German Shepherd. Get it? Z is the last letter of the alphabet. So, the Omega turned out to be the Alpha and Ziggy is to be the first German Shepherd in my sister's life.

Today she drives to meet Kira, a beautiful German Shepherd at a local rescue. I cannot wait to hear how it goes. I wonder if the original owners named her Kira after the heroine in the book We The Living by Ayn Rand.


Timmy said...

Sorry to hear about Ziggy. That breaks my heart. I hope the new doggy brings her as much happiness as Ziggy. :-)

A Girl From Texas said...

Timmy! you stopped by and said something. I feel so priviliged.

Ziggy was a really cute sweet GS. Not intimidating at all and he made me realize that if I get a dog, that's what I want, too.