Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am trying to negotiate a contract on a house and my buyer has a strong personality. The sellers of the house are very nice people and not as strong but they feel steamrolled. Part of that is me, I have a tendency to be harsh (I got that lovely trait from my Mother), and part of that is my buyer; once he's made his mind up that's it, he doesn't waver.

So, everyone in this negotiation has ruffled feathers. Me, the listing agent, the buyers and the sellers. We are inches away from a signed contract. But there's one more glich that has to be worked out. Hopefully it's workable.

So, at 11:45 this morning, I opened a beer. Warsteiner, a really nice German beer. I never ever do this. "This" being drink this early on a work day. I opened my fridge and there it was. I have to calm my nerves, this is a pretty big chunk of change on the table and I don't want to blow it.

I look at successful people, the entrepreneurs of society. These people are risk takers and when one is a risk taker one has to have the stones to move forward. One also has to have drive and that drive in me is what is scaring me. On the one hand, I'm moving a process along, that's my point of view. But the recipient of this is seeing this process as a steam roller process. Where is the line? How do I back off and move forward at the same time?

What is being a good negotiator? Is it getting the deal done? Is it a happy ending for all parties? Would I want me as my agent? I think so. I'm honest, I'm not going to lead my client down a path that I think is going to end up badly. Could I handle this process better? Absolutely, I just don't know where the disconnect is.

Where can I find a really good meaty class on negotiation skills?

Post Script: My client just called; we have a successfully negotiated contract.


SunWolf said...

Congratulations! A good negotiation is when both parties leave feeling like they got what they wanted, but maybe also wondering if they could have gotten more.

A really good book that I'd recommend is "Getting to Yes" by Roger Fisher. I used to have a copy of it, but I just noticed it is not on my bookshelf any more. Someone must have borrowed it. That happens around here...

Timmy said...

About having a beer in the middle of your day...

Just remember, it is 500p somewhere.

A Girl From Texas said...

he he he...Timmy, you're right.