Thursday, March 20, 2008

Logos 2

I went to meet my Marketing/Design company yesterday. I brought all the logos with me that they had given me to select from. I narrowed my choices down to three. It wasn't easy. Though the logo boards are mine and I can keep them, I decided to leave them with them for the time being. I need a break from them.

I had been carrying them around with me for days showing them to one friend after another. I thought perhaps the choice would be so simple but each person had a different set of favorites with different reasons. I started to become anxious about my decision. It's important to me that I set the right image. Classy, elegant, yet approachable. I want high-end clientèle but I don't want to alienate some good lower end ones, either. It's a delicate balance.

So, now the next step is that they are going to play with my favorite logos and tweak them. I actually have 2 that I like one needs some "pop" to it and the other needs to be toned down a bit so that the name can be more legible. The third one looks very feminine but I liked where they were going with the design. I need them to tone the femininity down and make it a little bolder.

My next appointment is next week and I'll get to choose the one I like the most.

This is pretty exciting. I just hope I can have my web site up by April. I hope I hope.

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