Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on stuff

Well, I have received several e-mails from Lifelock telling me that they have indeed placed fraud alerts on my accounts with the credit bureaus and they also alerted me that I have been removed from the mailouts for credit card solicitation. Today, I received a note from Experian and another bureau that indeed fraud alerts have been placed on my behalf. I should be receiving my free credit reports any day. It is such a huge relief to have this taken care of.

I have made a new friend this last month and she came over today. I made us some pizza and salad and we watched War of the Worlds. You know, I don't care how many times I watch that movie, it disturbs me. I wish I could just watch it and remove myself from it but I can't. I can't believe that when it came out initially, I went to see it by myself.

I miss tv. But, I'm a trooper and I haven't watched it for a week a now. I went on to YouTube and watched all the performances from this week. Dave Cook's rocked. Kristy Lee Cook did superbly as well. She made the right song choice. Dave has to be careful. I remember how much I loved Bo Bice and then when it was down to him and Carrie, she sang "Angels Brought Me Here" and it made me feel emotional. It wiped out Bo. KLC was very very smart to sing "God Bless the USA". But Dave's version of "Billie Jean" was absolutely brilliant. I'm sort of disappointed to see how Jason Castro is turning out. I would like to see more out of him but I'm not sure he has it in him. Brook is really talented too, I liked her version of "Every Breath You Take".

I have nothing more to report. I'm going to bed.

Peace out.

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SunWolf said...

Your description of dinner and a movie with a friend makes me miss Tracy. When she lived here, we would get together at least once a week and make dinner and watch a movie or two. There was always a pot of tea on the coffee table, and a couple of cookies, and cats to snuggle with...the gas fireplace was nice in the winter. Friendship is a very important part of life.